Amelia Dorn, Founder • Director of Curriculum and Instruction

AmeliaDornAmelia Norfleet Dorn has over 20 years of experience in the fields of self defense and empowerment. Through IMPACT International, she has taught personal safety skills to thousands of adults and children.

She founded IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado (IPSCO) in 2005 and currently serves as its Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  Her greatest passion lies in primary-prevention programming like IPSCO’s EMPOWERED Family Courses and their rehabilitation programs for convicts in several Federal and local correctional facilities. Amelia also facilitates Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.), a comprehensive and values-based sexuality education program for all ages and is the proud mama of two very EMPOWERED children.


Laura Gallaher, Program Coordinator  Student Liaison

Impact Staff Laura GLaura took her first IMPACT Basics class in 2013, shortly after moving to Colorado from Texas. Feeling more confident and empowered after the course, she sought to help facilitate others to experience this empowerment by assisting IMPACT classes. She currently serves as Program Coordinator, managing class registration, promoting new programs, and creating community partnerships.

Laura has a degree in Horticultural Therapy from Texas A&M University. Her passion is empowering marginalized populations towards independence, dignity and self-love through restorative interaction with nature in a communal setting.

In her free time, Laura works in her backyard vegetable garden and cans surplus produce during the summer. She also loves all types of crafting such as crochet, beadwork, scrapbooking and needle-felting.


Krista Hanley, Lead Instructor

kristaHanleyKrista Hanley grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and graduated from Columbine High School in 2000. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from the College of Santa Fe. After college she continued living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as she had fallen in love with the culture and landscape.

In 2010, Krista returned to Colorado and settled in the Denver area. She has a career in art management that gives her access to fascinating and important art objects. Krista loves to write and create art.

“Impact transformed my life,” she says. “As a trauma survivor, I did not feel safe in the world, I struggled with PTSD and anxiety in social situations, and I always expected the worst to happen. Impact gave me the freedom to exist. Knowing I can protect myself and speak my truth has empowered me to advocate not only for myself but for others.”


Sarah McArthur, Interim Executive Director

Impact Staff Sarah McArthurSarah McArthur is originally from Colorado but moved away as a child. She spent the majority of her youth in the Caribbean and the Middle East. Upon returning to the United States, Sarah lived in Louisiana. She has a love for travel and spent two and a half years traveling the United States as a presenter and public speaker for middle school and high school presentations. After years of travel,  she and her husband returned to Colorado in 2007.

In 2009, Sarah took her first Impact Women’s Basics class. She found the experience so transformative that she began training to become a class assistant. Sarah quickly became the Lead Assistant and eventually the Assistant Trainer. Sarah’s desire was to become a Certified Lead Instructor; she accomplished this goal in 2015.

In 2015, Sarah also became the Program Coordinator-Staff Liaison and was later promoted to Program Director. She has a professional background in administration, sales, customer service, and operations management. Sarah is passionate about empowering adults and children to live powerful and unafraid in the world.


Anderson Minnick, Instructor

Impact Staff Anderson MinnickAnderson Minnick grew up in Michigan and moved to CO after undergrad in search of a new adventure. He was raised in a family of activists and volunteers and as such has always found satisfaction in helping others.

He got involved in IMPACT after attending a friend’s graduation. Anderson was skeptical at first; how could you learn anything real in such a short time? He immediately saw the effectiveness of the techniques and strategies and knew he wanted to help. IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado was something special and unique. It isn’t just about teaching people how to fight. It’s about giving adults and children the tools to make everyday decisions that positively impact their lives and well-being while ending the cycle of violence.


Jacob Stagner, Instructor • Trainer

In Jacob’s younger years, he was not aware of the fear of being harassed or attacked that follows many women in simple daily activities, such as going to the store, getting gas, or walking around the park. As a man, he felt no such anxiety and therefore experienced no limitations in where he could go, even late at night. He simply went about his day, free and at ease. When he found out later, through the women in his life, how restrained they feel by their fear, he was upset. This new knowledge drove him to seek out ways to end this imbalance and help women claim the same feelings of ease and freedom he has experienced as a men. Impact has given him a forum to do that.

Jacob cherishes the opportunity to teach adults and children about safety, awareness and effective self-defense. IMPACT’s skills allow everyone to lead their lives with a greater sense of empowerment and freedom from fear. Jacob has a strong and diverse background in sales and is thrilled to be sharing a “product” he believes in so deeply. In his spare time he is an avid runner and adventurer.