IMPACT Specialized Courses


Choose from a variety of our specialized classes that range from beginner level to advanced. Our specialized classes are designed to answer the “what if” questions and further along everyone’s confidence in their ability to defend themselves, their families, and other people. We build off of our foundational skills of awareness, intuition, and boundary setting and expand on our physical techniques all while bringing in more complex scenarios like family safety planning, bystander intervention, specific environmental fights, and even how to defend yourself against an armed assailant. These classes are perfect for people who are looking to grow their personal safety journey and want to explore more specific scenarios.


Bystander Intervention

Learn how and when to intervene when you witness harassment while keeping yourself and others safe.

Empowered Family

 This course helps you start a lifelong safety conversation with family members. Parents, caregivers and children who take our workshops experience better communication, reduced anxiety, and higher self-confidence.


Build upon the skills you learned in Basics with more environmental realism and complexity in assault scenarios. The Advanced Course teaches you how to layer verbal and physical strategies to match each level of threatening behavior.

Defense Against the Armed Assailant

Students learn the verbal and physical defense techniques against blunt objects, knives and guns in scenarios based on how people are attacked with weapons.