Like Tying Your Shoes:

IMPACT’s courses are taught in a safe, supportive atmosphere of Experiential Education, building upon student success.  The process introduces skills gradually, utilizing verbal and physical faculties that students already possess.  Our classes teach practical self-protection strategies that are effective and appropriate regardless of size, age, ability, or fitness level.  Training in an adrenalized state ensures these skills are stored in muscle memory, always available, always accessible.

 Part1                                 Part 2

Skills are introduced gradually, building on the verbal and physical faculties that students already possess.

You Will Learn and Practice:

AWARENESS: Awareness: Learn to more easily differentiate true threat from worry and paranoia. IMPACT helps you build a deeper trust in your senses and intuition to quickly and accurately inform you when heightened awareness is truly necessary. This helps to dramatically minimize stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

AWARENESS part 1                                        AWARENESS part 2

PREVENTION: To prevent dangerous situations from escalating.  We teach you to use communication skills to set positive boundaries in your daily life and to prevent dangerous situations.


RESPONSE:  Become your own best advocate and make use of your fighting spirit.  If a violent confrontation can’t be avoided, we teach you to defend yourself, overcome your assailant, and  get to safety.


We always offer a safe space for graduates to return by creating a community of those with the fighting spirit.  We welcome success stories and requests for support.