Empowered Workplace WorkshopsWe provide IMPACT training for businesses, community groups and service organizations in the EMPOWERED Workplace program. We also offer consulting services, speaking engagements and safety training for employees in the field.

EMPOWERED Workplace trainings

IMPACT’s workplace training programs are customized to your organization and can include:

  • Team and personal leadership
  • Business trip safety
  • Communication and boundary-setting skills
  • Employee health, safety and self-care
  • De-escalation and conflict-resolution strategies for employees who work with customers or patients
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Anti-bias training

Speaking engagements and other services

Executive IMPACT staff are available to speak on a variety of safety and empowerment topics at your event. In addition, we offer workplace safety consulting services.

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What Our Clients Say

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado’s ​classes ​are life-changing​​, which is why, as founder of Parillume and host of the SHINE Soirée, a monthly interview show and community event celebrating the triumph of the human spirit in the aftermath of sexual violation, I have featured its work multiple times​.

IMPACT’s classes are not simply self-defense​. Nor are they just boundary-setting. Their courses are “boots on the ground” transformation at the deepest level​​, real-time. The Women’s Basics Course changed my life, allowing me to safely overcome deep-seated ​beliefs and ​fears that had ​me ​paralyzed​ ​in the aftermath of child sexual abuse​. Through their work, I found my fight – my voice and choice inside my body – and that is why I will never stop promoting and sharing with anyone who will listen, the impact IMPACT has made on my life and in the Parillume community!

Lisa Foster, speaking engagement client

The high-energy, realistic simulations were effective in starting our “fight-or-flight” response. This gave participants a great chance to practice under pressure. I think the program helps instill more confidence in the participants if they ever find themselves in similar situations.

Jim, 43, IMPACT corporate workshop