Empowerment Self Defense Classes at IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

These non-suited classes are the Stage 1 of our Self Defense Training. Through the use of games and drills, learn to be the tools to combat the whole spectrum of violence, from verbal harassment to physical violence. Learn to trust your intuition and enhance your awareness in order to de-escalate situations and move more freely through the world. Begin your personal safety journey and find a class today.


We offer a variety of classes! Click the links below to find which Empowerment Self Defense Class is best for you!

Empowered Adult (Co-Ed)

Empowered Mother/Daughter

Empowered Teen

Empowered Young Adult

Empowered Family Camp

Empowered Corporate

Bystander Intervention


More information about Empowerment Self Defense:

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ESD Global is a US-based nonprofit organization (NGO) that envisions a world where people can live safe, violence-free lives. Our mission is to establish Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) as a key primary violence prevention strategy for women and vulnerable populations. ESD is a holistic approach to personal safety. It provides individuals with the tools they need to interrupt violence when it is happening and to reduce the likelihood of being targeted.


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