Stay safe and stay empowered! We are committed to helping our community stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our NEW ONLINE VIDEO SERIES designed to help teach you and your loved one’s how to stay safe!


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Dear IMPACT Community

We understand this is a frightening situation, and we don’t necessarily cover defense against pandemics in our classes, but we assure you, you are prepared to handle whatever is thrown your way. Processing and managing fear, stress, and anxiety is the best tool towards handling any situation. As we always say in our classes,

“You are ready! You know what to do!” 



We are here to help

Check out our trailers for our upcoming online video series to teach you tools to use to keep yourself safe in any situation!



We unequivocally support everyone who is protesting the violence against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in America and globally. We know it is not our place to tell people how to protest, but we are committed to keeping those who choose to engage as safe as possible. Check out our Protester Allyship Training!


To see our Young Adult Video Series, click here.

Young Adult Video Series Teaser Trailer

Hi Friends! As promised, here is our first teaser trailer for our Young Adult Empowerment Self Defense video series! Check it out, and stay tuned for the release of our other teaser trailers!Our first two video series will be released on April 17th, and will we be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A session on April 20th from 12-1:30 MDS where two of our instructors will be available to answer all of your personal safety questions!Stay safe and stay empowered!

Posted by Impact Personal Safety of Colorado on Tuesday, April 7, 2020



To see our LGBTQ Video Series, click here.

"The reason we are having a class to address this population specifically is because we understand that LGBTQ people have different and additional safety concerns."Check out our new video trailer for the LGBTQ population, and stay tuned for the release of the full video series on April 17th! And if you missed our Young Adult Trailer, don't forget to check that on out as well!You deserve to feel safe in whatever situation, and we are here to help you unlock the tools and skills that you want to have to feel empowered and safe!

Posted by Impact Personal Safety of Colorado on Friday, April 10, 2020



To see our Couples Video Series, click here.

Couple's Video Teaser Trailer

This can be a tricky time for couples. We have a lot more time to be around each other, and that can lead to some challenges. We have a wonderful video here for you to talk about how to communicate more effectively with your partner. Check it out!Don't forget about our Facebook Live Q&A on April 20th at 12pm MST! Bring your questions and get ready to learn!

Posted by Impact Personal Safety of Colorado on Tuesday, April 14, 2020



Staying Connected



Even though we are adding new online content, we have created a robust late summer/fall schedule, so we can continue doing what we love most. Teaching you! Check out all that we have planned for you!



Development of our online programming will require additional resources. Please consider donating to sponsor the creation of these video series, and help us reach more people on this new platform!



We understand this is a time on uncertainty. We want everyone to be safe and equipped with the right knowledge. Our resource page has a variety of different community and online information and resources for whatever you may need!




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