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The Advanced Course was created to answer common “what-if” questions.

Advanced Course: Problem-solve in sticky situations

  • Class length and format: 14.5 hours, intensive format
  • Cost:  $350
  • Open to: Basics Course graduates with instructor approval

Test your warrior-self with longer, scrappier fights

Build upon the skills you learned in Basics with more environmental realism and complexity in assault scenarios. The Advanced Course teaches you how to layer verbal and physical strategies to match each level of threatening behavior.

You will learn

• New advanced verbal skills
• New low-level physical techniques
• How to protect others as a powerful upstander
• The “Front-Elbow”
• The “Snapkick”
• The “Spidey”
• The “Hammerfist”

You will fight

• Blindfolded
• In a “bed,” with covers, barefoot
• In an “elevator”
• With a “buddy”

Advanced skills in action

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