Impact Training for TeensIf you are a student getting ready for life beyond high school—or the parent of one—our College Prep Workshop supports essential life skills and personal safety for both on- and off-campus living.

College Prep Workshop: Strong boundaries for campus safety

  • Cost:  $300
  • Format: 16-20 Hours
  • Open to: College-bound students 16 to 20
  • Location: Curtis Park neighborhood

Students in this workshop learn hands-on adrenaline management skills. The conflict-resolution strategies we teach can result in less need for intervention by RAs, campus security, or college administrators.

Skills you’ll learn and practice

  • Heightened awareness
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Powerful communication during conflict
  • Physical safety techniques to use in an assault or emergency situation

Benefits of college prep IMPACT training

College-bound students need skills to help them transition from a parent- to peer-centered environment. Here’s how participants benefit from the College Prep Workshop.

Effective assessment skills

Students will be better prepared to assess options and make appropriate choices. They learn to think on their feet and act decisively, when to intervene, and when to walk away. They develop foresight and introspection necessary to the daily demands of a college student.

Enhanced communication

Solid communications skills are important to every aspect of campus life. Students learn how to:

  • Negotiate
  • De-escalate
  • Persuade
  • Ask for what they want
  • Take responsibility for their needs

Lowered anxiety

Students with Impact training are equipped for potentially dangerous situations like walking home late or dealing with conflict in the dorm or at social gatherings. They will also be better prepared to handle challenging discussions with peers, professors, and employers.

Increased self-confidence

After participating in our interactive workshop, students are more likely to meet future challenges at school with enthusiasm and a “can-do” attitude. Students’ confidence improves through in-class success.

Peer support and respect

Participants learn peer support systems and build respect for each other’s strengths. This promotes greater empathy for diverse student populations on campus.

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