All-Gender Impact Classes
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IMPACT training is open to people of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

All-Gender intensive Course

  • Class length: 20 hours
  • Cost:  $400
  • Open to: Students of any gender 18 and older

Learn how to respond quickly and appropriately while in an adrenalized state. This class helps you manage stress in an adrenalized state. You will learn how to assess a situation, deal with the freeze response and advocate for yourself with skills including:

  • Boundary setting
  • Intuitive response
  • Active awareness
  • Verbal strategies
  • Full-force physical self-defense skills

Queer and Trans All-Gender Basics Course

  • Open to: Queer and trans students of any gender 18 and older
  • Scheduling: Based on student or community group interest

In the Queer and Trans All-Gender Basics Course provides a safe space to explore scenarios specific to LGBTQIA-identified people and communities. You’ll practice verbal skills and full-contact, full-force physical skills with a coach and fully-padded instructors. 

Men’s Classes

Male-identified students can take Men’s Basics and other classes at Impact. Learn more

Women’s Classes

Female-identified students can take Women’s Basics and additional courses at Impact. Learn more

Advanced Basics

Graduates of IMPACT Basics Courses are eligible to take our Advanced Course. Learn more

Defense Against the Armed Assailant

IMPACT students who have graduated from the Advanced Course can take our most advanced course. Learn more

EMPOWERED Family Workshop

People of all genders who are parents or caregivers can define safety for themselves and their families in the EMPOWERED Family Workshop. We also offer EMPOWERED Caregiver and EMPOWERED Child courses. Learn more

Fight Night

All IMPACT graduates are welcome to refresh their skills at Fight Nights. Learn more

Become an Impact Student

Your privacy is important to us. IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado will never share your information with a third party.


We do not recommend taking IMPACT courses while you are pregnant. See FAQ for more details.