IMPACT Classes for Men

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado offers self-defense for men. Our male and female instructors have years of experience teaching verbal and physical safety skills to meet your needs.

Men’s Basics Course at IMPACT

This class helps you manage stress in an adrenalized state. If you have to defend yourself, you’ll learn how to do so effectively, but you will also learn to use de-escalation techniques in potentially dangerous situations.

  • Class length: 18 to 20 hours
  • Cost:  $350
  • Open to: Male-identified students 16 and older
  • Scheduled: Based on student interest

What you’ll learn

The Men’s Basics program at IMPACT teaches physical, verbal, and psychological techniques geared specifically for men’s physical anatomy and consciousness. Skills include:

  • Verbal skills
  • Active awareness
  • Intuitive response
  • Boundary setting
  • Physical self-defense skills

You will train with a coach and fully-padded instructors on verbal skills and full-contact, full-force physical skills. Practice scenarios are contextualized for the types of assault in which men are most likely to be targeted.

Why take Men’s Basics?


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Men's Basics Course Interest

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We do not recommend taking IMPACT courses while you are pregnant. See FAQ for more details.