Impact Classes for Women


Women’s classes at IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

Women’s classes are scheduled throughout the year and are open to female-identified people. Take your personal safety seriously and find a class today.

Women’s Basics course: Beyond self defense skills

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In our most popular beginner’s class, you learn to assess a situation and respond quickly, reliably and appropriately in high-pressure situations of all kinds. Learn more

Advanced Course

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Once you graduate from Basics, you can enhance your IMPACT skills and challenge yourself with longer, more complicated fights in our Advanced Course.  Learn more


Defense Against the Armed Assailant, aka Weapons Class

Weapons ClassThe highest-level course at IMPACT is open to Advanced Basics graduates only. Learn how to defend yourself against an assailant armed with weapons including guns, knives and blunt objects. Learn more


More IMPACT classes for women

EMPOWERED Family Workshop

The EMPOWERED Family Workshop is for parents to take together with children between ages 6-12. Learn more

EMPOWERED Child Workshop

Children six and older can take this standalone course that covers the same skills as the EMPOWERED Family Workshop.

EMPOWERED Caregiver Workshop

People who are parents or caregivers, including grandparents, cool aunties or uncles, nannies and babysitters, can take this standalone class that covers the same material as the EMPOWERED Family Workshop.

Impact training for teens

Young women can take our Teen Basics course or College Prep Workshop.

Fight Nights

Impact alumni can refresh their skills and have fun at Fight Nights. Learn more