Impact Women's Basics CourseBecome your own best advocate in the Women’s Basics Course. 

Women’s Basics Course at IMPACT

This program uses experiential scenarios to teach you how to assess a situation and respond quickly and appropriately while in an adrenalized state.

  • Cost:  $350
  • Format: 15-20 hours. Taught as a four-day intensive or a six-week course
  • Open to: Female-identified students 18 and up. Students 15 and older can take the course with a trusted adult.
  • Location: Curtis Park neighborhood

Reconnect with your innate fighting spirit

In Women’s Basics, you will learn personal safety skills to use with both strangers and people you know, including:

  • Active awareness
  • Intuitive response
  • Boundary-setting using the Magic Formula
  • Verbal strategies
  • Physical self-defense skills

Using experiential learning, you will practice verbal skills and full-contact, full-force physical skills with a coach and fully-padded instructor trained to safely recreate common assault scenarios.

Women’s Basics Graduates Say…

As a woman who has been in an abusive relationship where sexual assault occurred, Impact is the most supportive and practical self-defense class I could have taken. The real-life scenarios we practiced in class gave me the tools I was previously lacking so that I am able to and comfortable with setting boundaries.

Although I was triggered at times, the staff was extremely understanding and supportive, ultimately providing an experience I grew from tremendously. Thank you!

Anonymous, 25, Women’s Basics

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Impact Training in action

(warning: strong language)

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We do not recommend taking IMPACT courses while you are pregnant. See FAQ for more details.