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Donate to IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

Make a Difference. Donate Now!

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that appreciates donations from the community. When you donate to IMPACT, you are not just helping to fund individuals on their empowerment journeys, you are investing in a safer and more vibrant community. Plus, donations are tax deductible.


General Fund Donations

General donations are used for many things that help us support our mission, such as equipment, protective gear, and training staff. Support IMPACT's work of providing high-quality self-defense workshops to our community!

Your Donation

Your contribution to IMPACT

  • $25 funds focus mitts for a new instructor

  • $50 funds one person in a 101 Workshop

  • $100 funds one person in a Foundations class

  • $200 funds one caregiver/child pair in a Safer Together class

  • $300 funds one teen in our Teen Intensive class

  • $400 funds one person in an Intensive Series class

  • $1000 completely outfits a suited instructor

  • $1500 Sponsors a workshop at a Domestic Violence Shelter or School

  • $7000 Sponsors a complete Intensive class for Trauma Survivors

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