Empowered Schools Workshop

Our EMPOWERED School workshop helps educators and administrators bring their school’s safety policy to life. Using evidence-based techniques, IMPACT training improves school culture by decreasing staff anxiety, enhancing communication, and promoting teamwork.

EMPOWERED School workshop

This workshop is customized to your needs and includes:

  • On-site safety audit
  • Experiential program for school staff
  • Safety policy and procedure review

Experiential learning for educators

In an Empowered School workshop, your staff learns and practices skills in four areas.

Active awareness

Workshop participants define their concept of “awareness” and what it means in a school environment.

Communication skills

Techniques to resolve difficult interactions with students, parents, supervisors or peers.

Boundary-setting skills

Define types of boundaries and use role-playing scenarios to clarify and establish emotional, verbal, and physical boundaries.

Physical safety skills

Participants watch and participate in defense and boundary-crossing scenarios that escalate beyond verbal resolution.

EMPOWERED School workshop clients say

If everyone knew about these tactics, less people would be in danger.

Anonymous, 18, School Workshop

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