Keep Moving with IMPACT!

October 21 (6:00pm-7:30pm MT)

This session/class/jam will be a continuation of the things we explored in our Get Moving with Impact program from earlier this year! It is not necessary to have attended the first session. We will enjoy movement and physical games from an empowering, imaginative, and strength-and-mobility-building perspective, and you can move at the pace that feels best for you. Come join us and keep moving!  Please bring 3 pairs of extra socks or washcloths (or similar objects that are soft – 6 of them total) if you are able. 


IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado holds community and fundraising events several times a year. Our staff members and instructors make media and guest-speaking appearances as well. See below for upcoming events.

Staff and board of IMPACT at Diebolt fundraiser



Past Event Photos

Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered for our spring and summer 2018 events!