Foundational COURSES


Perfect for the person wanting to learn the basics of self defense and grow your communication skills, or someone who is looking for specialized personal safety skills designed for beginners. Click on the buttons below to get more information about our classes!


Boundary Setting with People You Know

Practice healthy communications skills and grow your relationships by setting and receiving boundaries with people you know.

Boundary Setting with Strangers

Learn multiple tactics to diffuse and de-escalate situations with strangers so that you can confidently protect your boundaries and keep yourself and others safe.

Empowered Adult

Receive an introduction into self defense and learn the foundations of personal safety: intuition, awareness, boundary setting, and de-escalation.

Empowered Teen

Teens will receive an introduction into self defense with a focus on utilizing foundational skills to help with new relationships and situations as they navigate responsibilities and freedom.

Empowered Kids

Kids will receive an introduction into self defense with a focus on how to recognize and speak up for their boundaries, how to talk to trusted adults about boundary crossing incidents, and how to stand up for themselves and others regarding bullying.