Become proficient in our three pillars of self-defense (awareness, intuition, and boundary setting) in a fast and effective way. Use these foundations to build your confidence and watch as you successfully defend yourself through our exclusive role-play scenarios. These classes are perfect for the person wanting to learn the basics of self-defense and grow your communication skills, or someone who is looking for specialized personal safety skills designed for beginners.


Introduction to Empowerment Self Defense

Explore the foundations of self defense (awareness, intuition, and boundary setting). Our non-suited workshops use drill groups and games rather than role play scenarios and are an approachable and effective entry way to learning these skills.

IMPACT Fundamentals

Our role-play workshops are perfect at introducing you to personal safety and the IMPACT model of teaching. You will learn intuition, awareness, boundary setting, and some verbal techniques all while using our exclusive role play scenarios to ensure you will remember what you are taught.