Impact Explained
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What Do IMPACT students learn?

IMPACT training teaches you to make good intuitive decisions in an adrenalized state. The goal of our work is to prevent boundary violations, sexual assault and other acts of interpersonal violence. Our classes feature:

  • 1:3 teacher/student ratio
  • One-on-one coaching and support
  • Trauma-informed instructors
  • Verbal self-defense strategies
  • Full-force physical self-defense techniques
  • Skills practiced in realistic scenarios
  • A safe, supportive atmosphere for students

How it works: Experiential education that builds upon student success

Our process introduces skills gradually using verbal and physical faculties you already have. Impact classes teach practical self-protection strategies that are effective and appropriate regardless of your size, age, ability, or fitness level.

Adrenaline-based training

Training in an adrenalized state ensures these skills are stored in your muscle memory, always available and always accessible. You are coached and supported during simulations of physical and non-physical boundary violations involving both strangers and people you know. You practice verbal and physical skills with an instructor wearing full-body armor designed for this type of training.

IMPACT graduates are always welcome

We offer a safe space for IMPACT graduates to return by creating a community of those with the fighting spirit.  We welcome success stories and requests for support. We also schedule occasional Fight Nights where IMPACT grads can refresh their skills.