Intensive Courses (long format)


Our most comprehensive trauma-informed and empowerment-based self-defense class with the goal to help people prepare for and to avoid potentially violent situations and to fight back and escape when physically attacked. These classes teach de-escalating tense situations, boundary setting and assertiveness, self-advocacy, knowing when to escape, and learning when and how to use physical self-defense skills in realistic scenarios to help people counteract the freeze response. These classes give participants the confidence to resolve or de-escalate conflict wherever it arises and are perfect for the person wanting to learn how to fight and practice mastery of all techniques in the adrenalized state.


Women's Basics

Become your own best advocate! This program uses experiential scenarios to teach you how to assess a situation and respond quickly and appropriately while in an adrenalized state.

Men's Basics

The Men’s Basics program at IMPACT teaches physical, verbal, and psychological techniques geared specifically for men’s physical anatomy and consciousness.

All-Gender Basics

Learn how to respond quickly and appropriately while in an adrenalized state. This class helps you manage stress in an adrenalized state. You will learn how to assess a situation, deal with the freeze response and advocate for yourself.

College Prep

Young adults who are preparing for life after high school can learn personal safety skills for both on- and off-campus living.

Teen Basics

Teens will learn the foundations of personal safety and get to practice full force fighting and boundary setting in realistic and adrenalized scenarios.

LGBTQ+ Basics

The Queer and Trans All-Gender Basics Course provides a safe space to explore scenarios specific to LGBTQIA-identified people and communities. You’ll practice verbal skills and full-contact, full-force physical skills with a coach and fully-padded instructors.