We envision a world in which human beings more deeply and authentically connect as they declare their individual boundaries and reclaim their inherent right and responsibility to universal safety & well-being.


IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado is a not-for-profit organization of men and women dedicated to restoring empowerment and choice by equipping our participants with the emotional, verbal, and physical skills to move freely in the world.


IMPACT Personal Safety Colorado is a part of an international organization of men and women dedicated to ending the cycle of violence by teaching empowerment skills such as awareness, communication, personal safety, and self-defense techniques to adults and children.

Our courses are taught by female and male instructors, with an instructor/student ratio of 1:3.  The curriculum, developed over a 25-year process, is the means through which students experience and embrace their power and self-worth.





IMPACT is a personal safety assertiveness and self-defense training program.  It is part of a comprehensive effort to prevent sexual assault, and other acts of interpersonal violence and boundary violations.


IMPACT is an international affiliation of independent chapters.  Each IMPACT Chapter has its own organizational strutcure and programmatic focus.  IMPACT Chapters share the following defining characteristics: teaching through realistic scenarios; IMPACT Programs teach through simulations of physical and non-physical boundary violations committed by stranger and by people we know.  Students are coached by one instructor while another instructor plays the role of aggressor of assailant.


Teaching Verbal Skills and the Use of Voice


IMPACT Chapters emphasize communication strategies such as verbal deescalation, assertive communication, and boundary-setting skills.


Teaching Full-force Physical Techniques


IMPACT Chapters teach students to protect themselves by striking vulnerable areas of an assailant’s body as hard as they can.  Instructors wear a suit of full body armor specially designed for this type of training.


Teaching Safety Skills in a Supportive Environment


Our instructors offer a physically safe and emotionally supportive environment, which allow students to increase selfconfidence skills and to enhance their sense of personal power.


Sensitivity to Trauma


For many who have experienced family violence, sexual assault, or other trauma, the experience of being physically powerful in the face of a simulated assault is a unique healing experience.  IMPACT instructors are sensitive to abuse and related issues.

Strategies with People We Know


IMPACT recognizes that the majority of sexual assaults and violations are committed by people close to us.  IMPACT teached effective strategies for addressing situations in which the person not respecting our boundaries is a dating partner, family member, or other familiar person.


Self Defense for Everyone


IMPACT Chapters are committed to the belief that people are powerful and capable of protecting themselves.  IMPACT teaches effective self-protection skills that work for people of different ages, sizes, and physical abilities.


Commitment to Women’s Leadership


IMPACT is committed to a teaching environment with women in leadership roles.


Collaborating to Prevent Violenct and Support Survivors


IMPACT training is an important part of a comprehensive strategy to create social change, prevent abuse, and support healing.  IMPACT organizations are committed to a broad vision of societal response to violence.

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