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At this time, due to the close contact nature of our classes, IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado (IPSCO) requires all students to submit proof of full vaccination of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine in order to attend a class. Fully vaccinated means that individuals have completed their full course of COVID-19 shot(s) 14-days prior to getting in the class, and are getting booster shots as suggested by the CDC. If you have questions about our policy or are unvaccinated/not boosted and want to take a class please reach out to for accommodation options. 





What to Expect:

Become proficient in our three pillars of self-defense (awareness, intuition, and boundary setting) in a fast and effective way. Use these foundations to build your confidence and watch as you successfully defend yourself through our exclusive role-play scenarios. These classes are perfect for the person wanting to learn the basics of self-defense and grow your communication skills, or someone who is looking for specialized personal safety skills designed for beginners.

Choose from our IMPACT Fundamentals (which incorporates our role-play scenarios) or our Introduction to Empowerment Self Defense (which do not use our role-play scenarios).

IMPACT INTENSIVE (long format)

What to Expect:

Our most comprehensive trauma-informed and empowerment-based self-defense class with the goal to help people prepare for and to avoid potentially violent situations and to fight back and escape when physically attacked. These classes teach de-escalating tense situations, boundary setting and assertiveness, self-advocacy, knowing when to escape, and learning when and how to use physical self-defense skills in realistic scenarios to help people counteract the freeze response. These classes give participants the confidence to resolve or de-escalate conflict wherever it arises and are perfect for the person wanting to learn how to fight and practice mastery of all techniques in the adrenalized state.


What to Expect:

Choose from a variety of our specialized classes that range from beginner level to advanced. Our specialized classes are designed to answer the “what if” questions and further along everyone’s confidence in their ability to defend themselves, their families, and other people. We build off of our foundational skills of awareness, intuition, and boundary setting and expand on our physical techniques all while bringing in more complex scenarios like family safety planning, bystander intervention, specific environmental fights, and even how to defend yourself against an armed assailant. These classes are perfect for people who are looking to grow their personal safety journey and want to explore more specific scenarios.


What to Expect:

Our Fight Nights are a chance to get together to refresh your skills or learn more specific techniques for a variety of situations. If you are an alumni, we have fight nights to help you refresh your skills and build upon certain skill sets. If you have never taken an IMPACT class before, we have some fight nights to help build a foundation of knowledge about specific topics. Check out our classes for more details!