People who have graduated from IMPACT are some of the most passionate advocates of our courses and workshops. The testimonials below were written by IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado students. If you are an IMPACT graduate, you are welcome to submit a testimonial of your own.

This is experiential learning at its finest. I have locked in new verbal and physical skills. Unexpectedly, the physical skills have given me more confidence to use the verbal skills. This class is life-changing and I recommend it to all women.

Susan, 54, Women's Basics

Now I feel like I have many more options besides fear, avoidance and staying home all the time. I know instinctively what to do to defend myself. Before IMPACT I just did not know I had those instincts. I didn't know I could badly hurt someone if I had to, if I was in danger.

Anonymous, 51, Women’s Basics

The class did an amazing job of teaching personal responsibility and empowerment, providing the skills and awareness to deescalate a situation and have a non-violent end to a situation that could easily have ended in physical violence, injuries to self or others, and possible jail time.

Adam, 47, Men's Basics

Empowering. Positive. Tools I can use every day and tools I now have that I hope I never have to use. Perfect gift for the high school graduate!

Amy, 47, Teen Basics Mom

I was able to finally release my anger, stress and fear created by memories of sexual abuse. I feel more confident and like a great weight has been lifted. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and excellent people.

Anonymous, 45, Women’s Basics

Truly amazing to share the experience of empowered transformation. From the familiar to the unfamiliar, it can always help to stand up straight and believe in myself and start with boundaries.

Anonymous, 44, Women's Basics

I am so grateful for IMPACT and the gift of feeling safer in the world.

Anonymous, 44, Women's Basics

I am so glad that our reserved 6-year-old son was taught powerful and effective coping, fighting and, most importantly, reporting skills, and that we're all able to be "on the same page" with safety conversations in our household. Very powerful and practical and jam-packed class.

Johanna, 42, Empowered Family

Great and worthwhile weekend. Thank you!

Stefan, 41, Empowered Family

Thank you for the lessons to take on the road. Be brave!!

Frances, 40, Women's Basics

I am grateful that men and women exist in the world that see the need to teach a class like this, and that they are willing to make these kinds of sacrifices to teach it. To hear some men say, "I came into this with a lot of male privilege" and to give women the dignity of fighting for themselves is priceless.

Anonymous, 39, Women's Basics

This course is absolutely worth the time and effort. If you have the chance to participate, I recommend it without reservation.

Danise, 38, Empowered Troop

Thank you for helping me help to keep my family safe!

Sheryl, 38, Empowered Family

Learn how to take your power back into your life.

Anonymous, 38, Women’s Basics

Going into this with no expectations and open to anything, I was surprised to see how effective it can be to use a basic set of tools to help me actually stay calm in an adrenaline state. I have now found a voice within myself that I've always hoped to have had, and have the confidence to handle more situations that I couldn't have in the past. Thank you.

Sam, 34, Men's Basics

I feel 100 percent more confident.

Anonymous, 31, Women's Basics

Great skills for men and women to use in any uncomfortable situation.

Mike, 30, Corporate Workshop

As someone who always felt I could take care of myself, and being faced with the reality that maybe I don't have all the tools to do it effectively, IMPACT has given me everything I needed to feel more confident in my ability to handle any situation.

Anonymous, 30, Women's Basics

I've come a long way since the day I walked into class and it was so great to be a part of such an inspiring, life changing class with such an amazing group of women.

Anonymous, 29, Women's Basics

This class was so much more than I ever thought it could be. After learning techniques to keep myself safe, I also have become a better, more confident me in everyday life.

Anonymous, 29, Women's Basics

I've had a strong and needed reality check, and I have developed the skills to realistically move through the world safely. My relationship to my body and the world around me is more wholesome now.

Anonymous, 28, Women's Basics

I feel much more confident to use my verbal skills to de-escalate a situation.

Amanda, 26, Corporate Workshop

This class was one of the best ways I could possibly imagine to deal with my trauma and change my ending. Amazing!

Anonymous, 25, Women's Basics

I was really hesitant to take this class, but I am so glad I did.

Anonymous, 25, Women's Basics

As a woman who has been in an abusive relationship where sexual assault occurred, IMPACT is the most supportive and practical self-defense class I could have taken. The real life scenarios we practiced in class gave me the tools I was previously lacking so that I am able to and comfortable with setting boundaries. Although I was triggered at times, the staff was extremely understanding and supportive, ultimately providing an experience I grew from tremendously. Thank you!

Anonymous, 25, Women's Basics

It was fabulous! Great staff, great fellow students!

Marissa, 24, Women's Basics

Walking into the class, I had NO idea what to expect. But walking out, I am confident in my skills to navigate the world and any trouble I might come across. This class has increased my awareness as well as given me tools to deal with verbal and physical confrontations. It has changed my life.

Krystal, 21, Women's Basics

I had a great experience with IMPACT. I learned more than I ever thought I would about defending myself physically, verbally, and mentally. This class is excellent for attaining greater self-awareness.

Torin, 20, Men's Basics

Amazing and empowering experience.

Deric, 20, Men's Basics

A huge thank you to the instructors and assistants in this class. They really created a positive, strong environment that made everyone feel safe in the most uncomfortable situations. This class teaches the very important skill of self defense and awareness perfectly. Great experience, feel very prepared to take on the world. LOVED it!!

Jyoti, 19, Teen Basics

If everyone knew about these tactics, less people would be in danger.

Anonymous, 18, School Workshop

This class is very helpful and teaches you a lot about not fighting but defending yourself and what you love.

Anonymous, 18, School Workshop

This class was absolutely amazing. I feel so much more confident as a person and much safer. My mom may have dragged me here, but she'll have to drag me out, too.

Emily, 18, Teen Basics

This is a helpful tool to have so that you can feel safe everywhere you go.

Anonymous, 18, School Workshop

This course is so empowering. I now no longer feel limited by what I can or cannot do based on my gender. Thank you!

Bekah, 18, Teen Basics

The instructors were amazing!

Trevor, 18, Men's Basics

It was incredible and life changing.

Andrew, 18, Teen Basics

I feel so much more confident and strong after taking this course. I feel prepared for a variety of situations, both verbal and physical. I know I will feel much safer on my campus this year because of my new knowledge.

Hannah, 18, Teen Basics

I am very happy to know that I will be able to defend myself if I ever need to, and that I was able to do so in an environment that didn't trigger major anxiety. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends.

Erin, 18, Teen Basics

After this class I feel much more confident in my ability to stand up for myself and to defend myself. I stand up taller.

Emily, 18, Teen Basics

IMPACT changed the way I feel about myself and my own power. I feel so much more comfortable going about my daily life, and ready to deal with and safely escape my own worst-case scenarios. Thank you for everything!

Grechen, 17, Teen Basics

I loved it! I felt safe and supported and I feel much more confident in myself.

Sydne, 17, Teen Basics

Completing the IMPACT Teen Basics course has allowed me to feel much more confident leaving for college this fall. Whether it be boundary setting or verbal or physical confrontation, I know I can apply what I learned to help myself.

Katy, 17, Teen Basics

This was a great experience. I feel more confident with myself and more comfortable in life. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Rachel, 16, Teen Basics

Loved it! Helped with overcoming past trauma and anxiousness. Loved the support with fellow classmates.

Anonymous, 16, Teen Basics

I stand taller and more confidently after this class. I feel like I can kick butt, if necessary.

Wendy, 16, Teen Basics

This class has already helped tremendously with my anxiety. I feel more prepared and less worried.

Baylee, 16, Teen Basics

Such an empowering experience to see how I can combine my mind and my physical strength. I will definitely be back.

Wendy, 16, Teen Basics

I am very glad that I took this class because knowing that I can protect myself makes me feel much safer in everyday life. Thank you!

Rachel, 15, Teen Basics

Going into this with no expectations and open to anything, I was surprised to see how effective it can be to use a basic set of tools to help me actually stay calm in an adrenalized state. I have now found a voice within myself that I've always hoped to have and now have the confidence to handle more situations than I could have in the past. Thank you.

Sam, 34, Men's Basics

I wanted to find a self defense class so that I would feel more comfortable running in the city and on trails by myself. Almost all of the classes in the Denver area I could find were either hand to hand combat or martial arts classes. Thank goodness I found IMPACT! I had no idea what to expect and wasn't sure what the first class would be like. In those first three hours, my classmates and I transformed from shy and unsure to confident and powerful. My classmates and I probably would not run into each other in our daily lives, but now we have a bond through IMPACT. I am confident in my awareness and skills and am a better runner for it. I cannot imagine NOT taking and IMPACT class.

Jana, Women's Basics

My daughter’s therapist recommended she take an IMPACT class to help with some personal safety skills and boundaries after dealing with years of harassment in middle school. As a “trusted female adult” I was to take the class with her. We took an intense weekend version of the basics class. Day one I found myself crying at the beginning of class, so sad that my daughter needed to learn these skills to feel safe. After an incredible 2 days (and some sore muscles) I feel incredibly empowered and proud of my own strength! I never knew that I had that in me. IMPACT gave me an incredible supply of skills and ideas to keep myself more aware and safe, and I’m hoping in the coming weeks I will see that in my daughter as well. Thank you Amelia, Hannah, Jake and Nick!!

Alison, Women’s Basics

The Impact training has broad application in work and personal life. The instruction was carefully layered to add skills as the training progressed, with repeated opportunities to practice what taught. The feedback was specific and personalized. What I liked most was the feeling of realistic threat, and the empowerment that developed from recognizing I have many options in scary or challenging situations. Everyone should take this course.

OSMP Volunteer

I have learned so many different techniques for avoiding conflict. I simply didn’t know how to walk away from a fight.

Elissa, 31, Women’s Basics

This class has changed my life. I am a strong woman now. I feel as if I have options in situations; I am recommending this class to everyone!

Crystal, 25, Women’s Basics

I am so grateful for this experience. Although I have always wanted and been a good communicator of my needs and set boundaries, this has given me greater skills and perspective on how to approach these conversations and interactions. Not to mention managing my own energy and personal space! Thank you, IMPACT!

Jill, 34, Women’s Basics

This course has truly changed my life. I feel that I can now be the woman I am meant to be. I feel so safe and confident in myself.

Alyssa, 21, Women’s Basics

This experience has changed me in so many ways. I feel more confident in myself, and more empowered. I never knew I had this power in me.

Lucy, 15, Teen’s Basics

I am truly changed as a woman! I feel more empowered, aware, inspired, and lucky to fight with such wonderful women and staff. The lessons learned in IMPACT will be used forever. Thank you!

Alexa, 28, Women’s Basics

Having come to the class reluctantly at my father’s wishes, I was not excited. But I’m leaving empowered, confident, and aware. I’m lucky to have been a part of such an amazing group of women. Thank you so much!

Kellen, 30, Women’s Basics

Changed my perspective and made me more confident in my ability to protect myself.

Katie, 28, Women’s Basics

After taking IMPACT I am better at setting boundaries with people I love, I have heightened awareness skills when dealing with unfamiliar situations and I feel more confident about myself. My family members are also more confident about me traveling alone, living downtown and other situations they deem "unsafe" for a woman.

Krista, 31, Women’s Basics

The 4-day IMPACT training is more than just and experience. It is experiential learning of skills necessary for any person to respond confidently to unexpected, inappropriate situations. I believe that anyone who ever feels concern for their own personal safety owes it to themselves to participate in at least one IMPACT course.

Sandy, 71, Workshop

Thank you. Empowerment is priceless and your program nurtures empowerment.

Peter, 58, Corporate Workshop

I think that visualizing and establishing these dramatic physical, "external" attacks actually have a great cross-application to establishing and maneuvering interpersonal relationships, that will affect my working relationship with people and help me maintain personal health and boundaries, that will enable me not only directly on the job in interacting with people, but also have indirect positive effects. As I am being equipped to better care for myself emotionally/mentally (maybe physically) that does affect me as a presenter showing up emotionally healthy to the job everyday.

Nicole, 30, Corporate Workshop

The high energy, realistic simulations were effective in starting our "fight or flight" response. This gave participants a great chance to practice under pressure. I think the program helps instill more confidence in the participants if they ever find themselves in similar situations.

Jim, 43, Corporate Workshop

I thought for many years that self defense techniques would take weeks/months of classes to obtain the basic knowledge to feel confident in potentially volatile situations. A few hours with IMPACT gave me the confidence to protect myself and my family. Thank you IMPACT!!!

Dave, 42, Corporate Workshop

Because I travel for a living, I am often aware of my environment and on alert, but I had no self defense skills beyond that. Not anymore! I feel much more prepared to be responsible for my personal safety now. THANK YOU. In addition, I have a new set of boundary setting skills that I think will be invaluable in a job that creates such powerful emotions and varied response. I'm looking forward to attending a full class soon.

Kristi, 29, Corporate Workshop

I thought it was very challenging and eye opening. I could definitely see myself getting more involved in this program. I certainly learned a lot of great techniques to avoid altercation and defend myself if needed.

Andrew, 34, Corporate Workshop

Extremely valuable for anyone. Empowering and comprehensive. Best self defense curriculum I've ever experienced.

Cathy, 25, Women’s Basics