IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado believes that what we practice we will be able to do. Here’s what you can expect from our classes!


A safe space to learn: All of our instructors are trained to be trauma-informed and know how to create a safe, judgement-free community.

Real-world physical self defense skills that work for every body: All of the scenarios in our classes are based on a deep understanding of how violence is perpetrated in our world, including a culturally relevant understanding of how race, sexuality, and gender play into the perpetration of violence, and all of our techniques are able to be taught to everyone regardless of body type or injuries. 

A new understanding of your power: You already hold the power to defend yourself, but our full force fighting will prove it to you, shifting the way you carry yourself, value yourself, and interact with others along the way.

Verbal skills and healthy boundary setting: Due to the confidence that is produced in our class, most students never use the physical skills taught, but instead use the verbal de-escalation and boundary setting skills to not only get out of dangerous situations but to ask for a raise from their boss, have hard talks with partners/friends/family, and speak up for themselves effectively.

Intuition and awareness skills: Reconnect with your natural survival instincts and learn to trust in your intuition to move through the world with more safety.

Skills that stick with you: Since we utilize realistic scenarios, we are able to boost your muscle memory building by safely adrenalizing you, meaning that these skills will stay in your body for the rest of your life.

Adrenaline/fear management skills: Through practice, you will begin to learn how adrenaline and fear feel in your body and will be able to calm yourself down and act on instinct. This skill is what allows our students to respond so well when any crisis hits.