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Teen Self-Defense Classes

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How to Sign Up for a Class

Click "Register" next to your chosen dates to sign up for the specific course in our registration system. We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule courses due to low enrollment, staffing issues, or other problems. We will do our best to place you in the next course possible. There may be limited, needs-based scholarships available. Please fill out a scholarship application to apply. [Link to Class Inquiry Form]

Guardian consent needed for participants under the age of 18.


Teen Series Intensive (Multiple Sessions)

The Teen Intensive Series course is age-appropriate for tweens and teens aged 12-17 and covers topics such as consent, boundary setting, risky behavior, and peer pressure, as well as physical and verbal self-defense skills. Teens learn through engaging and interactive activities and role-play scenarios in a safe and brave space, with a trauma-informed and supportive staff. Teens gain confidence, communication skills, and how to resolve conflict. Because this course takes place over several sessions, please make sure the teen can fully attend all sessions. For all genders.

Upcoming Classes

Teen Intensive (Boulder)
April 21 (6:00pm-9:00pm), 22 & 23 (10:00am-4:00pm), $300/person
Teen Intensive
July 7 (6:00pm-9:00pm), 8 & 9 (10:00am-4:00pm), $300/person
Young Adult & College-bound Intensive
July 28 (6:00pm-9:00pm), 29 & 30 (10:00am-4:00pm), $300/person

101 Workshops (Single-Session)

An IMPACT 101 Workshop is perfect for people who:

* Are interested in the topic or theme

* Are short on time and want to take a quick class to learn a few skills

* Want to see what IMPACT is all about before taking an Intensive series class

* Have already taken an Intensive, Teen, or Family class and want more practice

* Want to feel out IMPACT before bringing it to their school, business, or organization

* Want to take a short format class with a family member, friend, or loved one


These shorter classes are for anyone aged 13 and up, unless otherwise noted. You will learn useful physical techniques and/or verbal skills in a trauma-informed, inclusive, and supportive environment.

Upcoming Classes

Intro to Self-Defense
April 27 (6:00pm-7:30pm), $35/person
Intro to Self-Defense
May 25 (6:00pm-7:30pm), $35/person
Intro to Self-Defense
June 29 (6:00pm-7:30pm), $35/person
Intro to Self-Defense
July 13 (6:00pm-7:30pm), $35/person
Safer Together
June 4 (12:00pm-4:00pm), $100/person
Safer Together (Boulder)
August 12 (12:00pm-4:00pm), $100/person

Bystander Intervention Workshops

Gain skills and strategies to safely intervene when you witness harassment or troubling dynamics in public spaces and with peers. Learn low-level interventions, verbal de-escalation and boundary tactics, and how to use physical self-defense skills as a last resort. Practice through role-play scenarios various ways to respond in our inclusive and trauma-informed space. Also learn how to address people you know when they joke about or use abusive language toward a marginalized group. For anyone aged 13 and up, unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Classes

Stay tuned for more upcoming Bystander Intervention Classes! Submit an Inquiry to get updated when we have new class dates.
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