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What is IMPACT?

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Self-Defense in Colorado

IMPACT is a nationally recognized, research-based, and trauma-informed system of self-defense that teaches you how to recognize and react to a full range of safety situations. Gain the skills to set effective boundaries, de-escalate situations, increase your awareness, handle difficult conversations, communicate effectively, and feel confident you can defend yourself if physically attacked.


Verbal and Physical Skills

A typical IMPACT class will teach:

  1. Physical techniques that anyone can learn (no need to practice for hundreds of hours).

  2. Verbal skills practice in role-play scenarios.

  3. Active awareness skills to better assess and address situations before they become dangerous.

Learning these skills ensures that, no matter what comes up in life, you know how to respond.

Stress & Adrenaline Management

Do you feel stuck when faced with stressful or scary situations? You can rely on IMPACT training to help you act despite feelings of stress or fear. Our participants report more resilience to stress, and ability to think more clearly in emergencies, and clear-headedness in difficult situations.


How it Works

How you train is how you perform, and we train by doing. All of our classes are interactive and engaging. We introduce new skills gradually and build onto your existing ways of responding to situations. And what you learn stays in your body. Just like you never forget how to ride a bike or drive a car, you will never forget IMPACT.

We envision a world in which human beings more deeply and authentically connect as they declare their boundaries and reclaim their inherent right and responsibility to universal safety and well-being. We seek to make this vision come true by teaching trauma-informed and empowerment-based self-defense to help people prepare for and to avoid potentially violent situations and to fight back and escape when physically attacked.

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Our training system has been developed by a combination of expertise from diverse martial artists, investigation into survivors and perpetrators of violent crimes, neurological research, and non-violent communication techniques. We are continuously integrating the latest research and developments in the realms of psychology, adaptability, trauma, and behavior in order to keep our classes up-to-date and relevant. Our staff of instructors have trained for hundreds of hours and over many years and each bring their own unique knowledge base and experience to the work.

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