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Kid & Family Self-Defense Classes

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Check back for class schedule updates!

Thank you for your patience while we revamp our 2024 schedule. 

We are working hard to get new instructors IMPACT certified and up and running.

Please still submit inquiries for private or corporate workshop requests.

Guardian consent needed for participants under the age of 18.


Empowered Family Class

IMPACT Colorado's flagship Empowered Family Class helps you start a lifelong safety conversation as a family. Family members experience better communication, reduced anxiety, and higher self-confidence. In our unique course, adults and children are taught separately in age-appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed material and skills. Kids learn and practice skills in scenarios such as: talking to a trusted adult when they feel unsafe; addressing bullying or cruel social behavior; responding to unwelcome attention from strangers and people they know; physical techniques to strike and escape in a potential abduction situation. As a parent or caregiver, you will gain skills to protect yourself and support your child. During interactive scenarios, your instructor will coach you in: listening to and engaging with your child when you’re outside your comfort level; verbal de-escalation techniques; simple, effective strikes to ward off a potential assault or threat to your family’s safety.

Upcoming Classes

Stay tuned for more upcoming Empowered Family Classes! Submit an Inquiry to get updated when we have new class dates.
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101 Workshops (Single-Session)

An IMPACT 101 Workshop is perfect for people who:

  • Are interested in the topic or theme

  • Are short on time and want to take a quick class to learn a few skills

  • Want to see what IMPACT is all about before taking an Intensive series class

  • Have already taken an Intensive, Teen, or Family class and want more practice

  • Want to feel out IMPACT before bringing it to their school, business, or organization

  • Want to take a short format class with a family member, friend, or loved one


These shorter classes are for anyone aged 12 and up, unless otherwise noted. You will learn useful physical techniques and/or verbal skills in a trauma-informed, inclusive, and supportive environment.


Bystander Intervention Workshops

Gain skills and strategies to safely intervene when you witness harassment or troubling dynamics in public spaces and with peers. Learn low-level interventions, verbal de-escalation and boundary tactics, and how to use physical self-defense skills as a last resort. Practice through role-play scenarios various ways to respond in our inclusive and trauma-informed space. Also learn how to address people you know when they joke about or use abusive language toward a marginalized group. For anyone aged 13 and up, unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Classes

Stay tuned for more upcoming Bystander Intervention Classes! Submit an Inquiry to get updated when we have new class dates.
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