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Private & Group Self-Defense Classes

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Personalized and Customized for Your Needs

Book Clubs, Church Groups, Sports Teams, Volunteer Groups, Scout Troops, Friend Groups, Neighborhoods, Etc.

Can't make it to a public class or want something more personalized? Schedule a class for your group, family, club, or team. We can teach any age! With IMPACT's customized private classes, you can arrange a self-defense or communication-building class for your favorite group. Participants gain practical and usable skills in boundary setting, verbal de-escalation, awareness and intuition, bystander intervention, and/or self-defense. In addition, our expert instructors can also give an informational and inspirational talk at your next event.


Positive effects of IMPACT Training

  •  Improved confidence, self-esteem, and resilience

  • Increased patience and tolerance of friends, co-workers, family members, and peers

  • Better able to manage stress and stressful situations

  •  Motivation to handle new and challenging tasks

  • Ability to set clear boundaries

  • Creative and flexible problem solving

  • Leadership development

  • Greater general awareness

  • Quicker decision making ability in emergencies

  • Ability to address harrassment, assaults, and violence in the early stages

  • Decreased risk of harassment, assault, and conduct code violations

  • Greater likelihood of stepping in when witnessing harassment or violence

  • Safer and more empowered community


How it Works

Space requirements: Our experiential programs can be held in an empty meeting room, studio, classroom, garage, event space, or any other large, private room sized about 20 x 20 feet. Talks can be held in any space.


Our staff: IMPACT staff members are highly trained, vetted, background checked, and hold confidentiality as paramount to our services.


Participants: Each participant in an experiential program will need to sign a waiver, either online or hard copy, before participating.


Customization: We will work with you to create the best experience for your group or organization. Workshops can be for any age range.

Covid Requirements: Please read our Covid policy here. (Link)

Click the "Get a Quote" button to receive a customized training proposal!

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