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About Us

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

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IMPACT is an all-inclusive self-defense program that teaches a variety of easy-to-learn strategies in setting boundaries, de-escalating conflict, intervening in harassment, effectively communicating, and responding to violence. We specialize in teaching skills that help keep you safer in every part of your life. We believe that every person has the right to learn how to defend themselves, so we make our classes work for you and your needs!


We have over 15 years of experience in the Denver and Front Range communities working with children, youth, and adults in our public, corporate, school, and private classes. Between our low student-to-instructor ratio and highly-trained, expert staff, participants receive a personalized, and often transformative experience in our classes.



IMPACT’s mission is to restore empowerment and choice by equipping our participants with the emotional, verbal, and physical skills to move freely in the world. We help people live healthier, safer, and more empowered lives, thereby contributing to the safety and vibrancy of their community.



We envision a world in which human beings more deeply and authentically connect as they declare their individual boundaries and reclaim their inherent right and responsibility to universal safety & well-being.


Equity Statement

IMPACT training is an important part of a comprehensive strategy to create social change, prevent violence, and support healing. IPSCO is deeply committed to bringing an awareness of intersectionality to our work alongside a broad vision of societal response to violence, harassment, and abuse. IPSCO strives to be inclusive of all genders, and we also teach children, older adults, marginalized populations, people of different cultures, and people with disabilities.

Our History

IMPACT Personal Safety has roots in the early 1970s feminist self-defense movement that addressed the needs and capabilities of women, acknowledged feminist issues, and used training methods that featured realistic scenarios and padded mock assailants. In the early 1980’s, IMPACT added comprehensive verbal communication and boundary setting skills. This has become a defining feature of IMPACT training, and has been showcased in the teachings and writings of Gavin De Becker in books like The Gift of Fear. The current IMPACT training system is based on expertise in martial arts, research on survivors and perpetrators of violent crimes, neurological research, and non-violent communication techniques. IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado (IPSCO) was founded in 2006. Since then, we have trained thousands of individuals in Colorado.

Characteristics of IMPACT Self-Defense

  • Self-defense for everyone: IMPACT is committed to the belief that people are innately powerful and capable of protecting themselves. We work to help people find their individual power.

  • Supportive Environment: IMPACT is a non-prescriptive, non-victim blaming organization. We honor the individual choice that our students make to keep themselves safe.

  • Trauma-Informed: IMPACT centers survivors by being sensitive to the effect of trauma on the body, mind, and emotions.

  •  Realistic Scenarios: IMPACT teaches through role-play that provides the opportunity to practice skills in realistic scenarios so that our students leave feeling that they can confidently respond to situations that could happen.

  • Communication Skills: IMPACT emphasizes verbal and nonverbal communication strategies that support de-escalation, confidence, and boundary setting.

  • Full-Force Physical Techniques: IMPACT uses padded instructors so our students get the feel of their own power by being able to practice physical skills full-force.

  • Strategies with People We Know: We teach effective strategies for addressing situations of boundary violations from partners, acquaintances, family members, coworkers, friends, or other people we know.

  • Learning Modalities: We teach to all learning styles and work with students on an individual level to ensure that our concepts are being understood.

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