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Self-Defense for Everyone

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

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Building Life Skills

At IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado, we provide self-defense training for everyone and anyone. We teach physical and non-physical techniques that you can use in everyday life from addressing boundary violations to protecting yourself from harassment or attack. Our effective self-defense skills work for people of different genders, ages, sizes, cultures, learning types, and abilities. We help people live safer and healthier lives.


Safe and Supportive Space to Learn

Many of our students are survivors of trauma and assault. Our instructors are trained to create a physically safe, emotionally supportive, and encouraging environment. Our classes have proven to help people heal from trauma by increasing self-confidence and enhancing your sense of personal power and choice.


Find Your Power

Our self-defense programs teach through role-play simulations of physical and verbal boundary violations. Our carefully crafted scenarios provide students an opportunity to learn and practice effective personal safety skills, including full-force strikes. Learning how to fight is transformative and life-changing for our students.

We envision a world in which human beings more deeply and authentically connect as they declare their boundaries and reclaim their inherent right and responsibility to universal safety and well-being. We seek to make this vision come true by teaching trauma-informed and empowerment-based self-defense to help people prepare for and to avoid potentially violent situations and to fight back and escape when physically attacked.

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There's a Class for You

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of everyone, no matter what. We have classes featuring different course lengths and intensities to fit your needs.

  • Book a class for your corporation, school, or group with customized content for your specific area of need.

  • While most of our public classes are in Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range, we teach all over Colorado. Contact us if you want to arrange a class in your area!


"This is experiential learning at it's finest. I have locked in new verbal and physical skills. Unexpectedly, the physical skills have given me more confidence to use the verbal skills. This class is life changing, and I recommend it to everyone."

(Susan, Women's Intensive)

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